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More than half of all businesses globally are family-owned or operated. They are cornerstones of prosperity; their contributions to job creation and global GDP are crucial. Their stories, a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere, deserve to be told. The Family Business Voice provides the podcast for family business owners, experts and entrepreneurs to share their successes and challenges with a global audience.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. What Behaviours Build Resiliency into the Family Business Dynamic?

    In this episode of the Family Business Voice, Albert Myles speaks with Ramia about family dynamics, behaviours that build resiliency in the face of adversity and what to do when we are confronted with negativity. Albert Myles is a former professional basketball player who is now a philanthropist, mentor and a ...


  2. What is Transformational Leadership?

    On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Rania Labaki speaks with Ramia about how family businesses can support transformational leadership through governance, an exceptional skill in the face of disruption and adversity. Rania Labaki is the Director of the EDHEC Family Business Centre and Associate Professor of Management at EDHEC ...


  3. How Can the Next Generation Disrupt the Processed Meats Industry?

    As a sixth-generation leader in his family’s meat processing business, Compaxo, Michael van der Post walks a virtual tightrope. He must honour five generations of his family's business legacy while at the same time ensuring Compaxo's sustainability with forward-facing strategy. ...


  4. How Can Technology Increase Competitiveness in the Family Business?

    Chris Bosley's passion for entrepreneurship led him back to the family business, Amorini, an industry leader in kitchen and joinery components. Now, he works alongside his brother, Mitch, father Steven and uncle Paul Atkins, diversifying Amorini's product offering and developing a proprietary software ...


  5. Where do Purpose and Succession Overlap?

    On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Ramia speaks to Russ Haworth, Family Business Advisor and Host of the show The Family Business Podcast, about where purpose and succession overlap. Haworth believes that healthy transitions lie at the heart of continuity, and as such, is passionate about helping next-generation family ...