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More than half of all businesses globally are family-owned or operated. They are cornerstones of prosperity; their contributions to job creation and global GDP are crucial. Their stories, a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere, deserve to be told. The Family Business Voice provides the podcast for family business owners, experts and entrepreneurs to share their successes and challenges with a global audience.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Has the Future of Family Business Changed?

    On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Anders Sorman-Nilsson, futurist, Founder of Thinque and part of a family business legacy, speaks with Ramia about how COVID-19 has changed our outlook on the world as well as our appetite for technology. The ...


  2. How Can You Create Timeless Value?

    On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Ramia speaks to Jan Ryde, Hästen's fifth-generation CEO, as well as his son and sixth-generation family business member, Lukas Ryde, about leveraging the power of technology in product development while balancing cutting-edge innovation with timeless tradition. - Regardless of the decade, there is ...


  3. COVID-19: How Can We Maintain Health and Wellbeing Through a Crisis?

    On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Feisal Alibhai speaks to Ramia about how COVID-19 has given health and wellbeing an immediacy that few regarded it with before the crisis. Informed by his work supporting others as the Founder and CEO of Qineticare, the world's first Family Health Office, ...


  4. COVID-19: Lessons from 100-year-old Family Businesses

    On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Dennis Jaffe, author and family office consultant, speaks to Ramia about his latest book, Borrowed from your Grandchildren: The Evolution of Stewardship in 100-Year Families, and what we can learn from these longstanding companies in times of crisis. Borrowed from your Grandchildren is ...


  5. COVID-19: Implications for African Family Businesses

    On this episode of The Family Business Voice we continue our coverage on the COVID-19 crisis with perspectives from Africa's family business community. Two of AFF's founding members, Nike Anani and Tsitsi Mutendi, speak with Ramia from Lagos, Nigeria and Harare, Zimbabwe respectively. Nike Anani is ...