When is it Time to Reinvent your Brand?

July 16, 2019

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Melinda Rossiter, Business Development Manager and fourth-generation family business member, talks to Ramia about Rossi Boots' transformation and newfound flexibility after 110 years in boot making.

- In the past, Rossi Boots relied solely on its products

- Marketing wasn't a priority. By the time the fourth generation joined, the family business needed a rejuvenation.

- The rise of imported goods meant Rossi boots could no longer rely on the model that had carried them for over a century. - Under their leadership, Rossi has managed to reinvent itself as a forward-facing, global brand giving allowing access to a much larger consumer base.

- By keeping a portion of their business local, however, Rossi has stayed true to the regional Australian consumers that have been buying their products for over 100 years.

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